Clone Lieutenant “Galle”

CT-6734, also known as Galle, was a clone trooper lieutenant in Commander Bly’s 327th Star Corps who fought in the Battle of Felucia. Alongside Jedi Padawans Drake Lo’gaan, Ekria, and Zonder, he participated in a raid on a water treatment plant near the city of Jiaozi to stop the spread of a deadly toxin throughout Felucia’s water supply. After accomplishing this, Galle ordered the death of Jedi Knight Barriss Offee per the Republic directive Order 66, and he later filed the report on her execution.

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This miniature of Galle got a holoprojector that is powered by a LED. The holo itself is a modfied 15mm WWII Tank driver I modified with a sculped Jedi Robe. I casted the holo Jedi from transparent resin so the holo could be lit up.